“You Are Unbeatable!” Heidi Klum Raves Over V.Unbeatable’s Show-Stopping Routine.

Straight-forward view of V.Unbeatable dancing during the finals of "AGT: Fantasy League."

From the moment V.Unbeatable first arrived to the AGT stage in 2019, this talented group from India has proven time and time again to be in a league of their own. It’s no wonder, then, they’ve made it to the finals of AGT: Fantasy League. Under the mentorship of Howie Mandel, and now Heidi Klum, they continue to prove they’re capable of some of the most breathtaking feats.

Their latest performance is certainly no different. As always, this impeccable dance team found ways to challenge themselves in new and fun ways. In turn, the audience is left on the edges of their seats, both amazed and a little scared for their safety. In the end, though, they’re able to pull off each impressive stunt with ease!

V.Unbeatable Makes Heidi Klum Proud During AGT Finale Performance

With 30 members in V.Unbeatable, it’s important that each and every one of them works together in order to create seamless performances. This is especially true for their more dangerous stunts. In their latest performance, there’s one in particular that stands out to me and countless other viewers.

It starts when five of the dancers unfold a long, white sheet. Then, just when start to ask yourself, “What could they possibly plan on doing with that?” another member is catapulted into it, transforming it into their own makeshift trampoline.

Five members of V.Unbeatable hold a white sheet. A sixth member is mid-air after jumping off of it.

As you can imagine, Klum couldn’t have been more proud of V.Unbeatable. Meanwhile, their former mentor, Mandel, had to admit that he’s rooting for them despite the competitive nature of the show.

“I’m so thrilled for you, so angry with her,” Mandel reveals, referring to Klum. “I have to be honest with you: I really do truly hope you win this because you deserve it.”

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