V.Unbeatable Takes Dance Moves To Epic New Level In “AGT: Fantasy League.”

V.Unbeatable performs on the "America's Got Talent: Fantasy League" stage. A man is mid-air as he leaps down a line of men who are balancing on motorcycles.

Countless dance groups make names for themselves on talent competitions, but few can pull off what V.Unbeatable does whenever they take to the America’s Got Talent stage. We first saw this talented group from India in 2019. Another contestant, Kodi Lee, won that year. Still, V.Unbeatable made it to the finals, earning themselves fourth place.


Since then, much has changed for this dance team. In 2020, they had lots of international shows planned, but the COVID-19 pandemic made them impossible. Instead, many of the group’s members found themselves back to their old jobs in India, like selling vegetables on the side of the road.

Dance group V.Unbeatable performs on "America's Got Talent: Fantasy League." A number of members guddle together to catch the three who are mid air.

Thankfully, the group has since gotten back on their feet and are 30 members strong. The last time they were on the AGT stage, it was for The Champions edition of the show. During it, Howie Mandel gave them a Golden Buzzer.

V.Unbeatable Deliver an Electrifying Performance on AGT

It’s fitting, then, that Mandel has them on his team for AGT: Fantasy League. Now, the judges are able to be more hands-on as mentors. It’s safe to say that, with their first performance back, V.Unbeatable did not let their mentor down.

Three men on motorcycles drive across the "AGT" stage, each with a person standing on the back and leaning on the driver for support. Above them, mid-air, a man leaps off the back of one person on a motorcycle to get to the next one. These are members of the dance group V.Unbeatable.

As usual, V.Unbeatable’s performance is electrifying! Members of the group do flips over motorcycles like it’s nothing, causing both the judges and audience alike to gasp. In fact, Mel B. was particularly taken aback by their dangerous moves — in the best way, of course!

“I have to say I was screaming a lot,” Mel B. says.

See why Mel B. screamed so much in the video below where V.Unbeatable makes an unforgettable return to the AGT stage.

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