Man Hears Chilling Cry— Looks Out Window & Sees Dog Clinging To Sheet Of Ice.

While he probably would’ve preferred to stay on solid (and dry) ground, there’s no arguing that this is one extremely lucky lab.

The video below shows dramatic footage of rescuers coming to the aid of a sweet yellow lab, who’d wandered out onto the ice-covered Indian river in New York a few years back, then got trapped when the ice crumbled and broke. Fortunately, this freezing pooch’s desperate cries reached the ears a local man, who quickly called the Theresa Fire Department.


First responders braved their own ordeal to pull him out of the freezing stream and back to solid ground.

“Hang in there! Hang in there!” the rescuers call out as the dog’s cries become more desperate.


No one knows how long the poor thing was in the stream, but he was definitely suffering from hypothermia – and the first responders initially weren’t sure whether he’d make it.


But of course he did, because he’s a fighter!


Watch this nail-biting rescue in the video below. It’s a good reminder to everyone to keep a close eye on their pets, especially at this time of year when unseen dangers could very well lurk beneath layers of snow and sheets of ice.

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