Lab Steals Owner’s Suitcase In Adorable Attempt To Keep His Human From Leaving.

Uh oh. The suitcases have come out. And we all know what that means.

Maybe this lab’s owner was heading out to New York for a short business trip, or maybe the whole family was heading off on a tropical vacation. Whatever the destination, this loyal lab either wants in on the action or wants to prevent his person from leaving altogether. And he has the cutest way of showing it.

This adorable lab drags a black suitcase that’s just a bit smaller than his entire body through the kitchen, carrying it by its handle.


Once outside the gate separating the kitchen from living room, he drops it on the carpet, does kind of a sideways three-point turn (if only we could all be that talented), then deposits the luggage into his crate.


“You should just go ahead and reschedule that flight,” he seems to say. “Better yet, cancel it altogether. Or, just FYI, I could definitely fit in this suitcase.”

Think what you may about dogs and their intelligence, but one thing is abundantly clear: They’re experts at reading their humans. You’re not going to get away with anything.


Check out the video below to see this passive-aggressive pooch in action, and remember to share to spread more smiles!

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