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“That Is A Real Miracle.” WWII Vet Meets Little Girl Who Wrote To Him 12 Yrs Ago.

vet meeting solider who wrote to him as a little girl

One small act of kindness has the power to change someone’s entire life.

Frank Grasberger is the perfect example. As a World War II veteran, he’s been through more than many of us could even imagine. So when he received a kind letter from a 9-year-old girl thanking him for his service, it meant the world to him.

He was still actively serving back in 2009 when he received the letter, and he was so moved by her words that he and his wife, Dolores Grasberger, tried to find her so they could express their gratitude. But due to privacy reasons, the little girl’s school was unable to give them her contact information.

They could, however, accept a thank-you note that they would deliver to the child. While that was better than nothing, Frank knew it couldn’t compare to thanking her directly. That’s why, for the past 12 years, Frank and his family have been searching for her.

Now living at Vitalia Senior Residences in Strongsville, Ohio, Frank and Dolores were able to get some outside help in their search for his mystery pen pal. It took quite a bit of investigating, but eventually, Vitalia’s resident services director, Jill Pawloski, found her on social media.

DeShauna Priest, now 21 years old, was absolutely floored when Jill reached out to her on Facebook.

“I just started crying, I had to go and tell my mom,” DeShauna said.

It turns out that Frank’s thank-you note had reached her, and it left a lasting impact. She was only in third grade when she sent off her letter along with everyone else in her class, but it ended up changing the course of her life. DeShauna is now serving in the Army National Guard!

Once DeShauna was contacted, it was time to set up the surprise of a lifetime. Frank had no idea that Jill found his pen pal until the moment DeShauna walked into the room, flowers in hand. To say he was shocked would be an understatement!

Once he wrapped his mind around the fact that the woman he saw before him truly was the little girl who wrote the letter he still carries around, he could hardly contain his emotions.

“I love you so much. I really do,” Frank said. “Honest to God, thank you so much for being here.”

Frank has been through so much in his life, including moments he refers to as miracles. He has an incredible wife and kids, and he made it through the Battle of the Bulge. He’s even survived three heart attacks.

“And now I met the girl that signed me the letter… and that is a real miracle,” he said. “That really is.”

Now that they’ve finally found each other, Frank, Delores, and DeShauna have exchanged numbers and promised to regularly keep in touch – and we have no doubt that they will!

Watch their tear-jerking meeting in the video below, and don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with your friends.

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