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Wrinkle The Duck Runs Her Third NYC Marathon!

Front-facing view of Wrinkle the Duck running with humans during the New York City Marathon for the third year in a row.

Every year, the New York City Marathon garners all kinds of athletic folks who are after those coveted medals. Turns out, humans aren’t the only ones who are interested — so is Wrinkle the Duck! In fact, this wasn’t the 3-year-old’s first time chasing after a runner’s high. Rather, it was Wrinkle’s third time in the race, and it certainly showed.

To prepare for the big race, Wrinkle did whatever she needed to ensure she felt her best. For this aquatic athlete, that included snacking on zucchini and water, a little-known breakfast of champions.

Wrinkle the Duck waddles down the road with fellow New York City Marathon runners. One human runner squats near Wrinkle and gives her two thumbs up. Text on the image shows what this runner is saying: You got it, Wrinkle!

Being such a delightful competitor, Wrinkle is sure to have made some new friends that day as she waddled along to the finish line. This showed in the way fellow runners would cheer her on!

Then, once she completed her quest, Wrinkle was proud to show off her latest medal as she spent the evening out on the town. Who knew a duck could be so inspirational?

Watch Wrinkle the Duck compete for a third time in the New York City Marathon in the video below.

@thatgoodnewsgirl Sorry in advance for the duck puns. 🦆 Wrinkle the duck has run (waddled) her THIRD New York City Marathon. This duck athlete documented her race day so that we can learn from her. See more from Wrinkle: @Wrinkle the Duck 📸 seducktiv #nycmarathon #duck #marathonduck #ducksoftiktok #wrinkletheduck #goodnews #positivecontent ♬ original sound – jenn💜 good news & fun stories

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