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“Would You Cross The Globe For A Stranger?” Woman Shares Unlikely Love Story In The Amazon

A man and woman pose for a photo. The man is closer to the camera and smiles. The woman is a bit farther away, arms in the air as she smiles. A waterfall is in the distance. Text on the image reads: Unexpectedly for both of us, we developed an undeniable connection

Social media has a way of connecting us with people all across the world — but the relationship Jordan Hauenschild and Pitiuruk have is rare to say the least. One day, while scrolling on Instagram from her home in Australia, someone on Jordan’s Explore Feed captured her attention. It was an Indigenous Ecuadorian. On his page, you’ll find content relating back to his culture and everyday life in Kichwa, a rural community in Ecuador. Fascinated by his life, Jordan reached out. Little did she know, however, that reaching out to this man from the Amazon would be the start of their love story.

From here, the two started talking frequently. Not only was Jordan learning about life in Ecuador, but he was also learning about Australia. Before long, the two of them discussed the idea of meeting in person. As unlikely as that may have seemed at first, soon enough, Jordan’s life changed. No longer at her 9 to 5 job, she hopped on a 35-hour plane ride to officially meet who she thought was just a friend. The result? Straight out of a romantic movie!

@jordankh_ Would You Cross the Globe 🌎 for a stranger? PART 3️⃣ #series #lovestory #internationalcouple #lovestorytime #lovestorytheseries #lovestory❤️ #miniseries #viraltiktokvideo #viralvideo #globaltiktok #amazonfinds #amazon #staytunedformore @Pitiuruk @LATAM Airlines @Geowulf @Flight Centre ♬ original sound – jordankh_

“As the plane was landing in Quito, I realized the magnitude of the situation — I had gone on a whim with a ‘why not’ attitude and I was about to meet someone I had never seen in real life,” Jordan recalls.

Jordan and Pitiuruk’s Unexpected Love Story in the Amazon Goes Viral

Thankfully, any nerves or second-guessing went away the moment that Jordan and Pitiuruk officially met in person. Instantly, there were sparks.

@jordankh_ Moments in the Amazon 🍃 Through rivers, tropical mountainous terrain and lush rainforest, @Pitiuruk and his family welcomed me into their home Guayusa Runa 💚 @Runa #lovestory #internationalcouple #lovestorytime #lovestorytheseries #viraltiktokvideo #globaltiktok #ecuador #australia #travel #jungle #amazonrainforest #amazoniaecuatoriana ♬ The Beginning – Flawed Mangoes

“I just couldn’t believe he was real,” Jordan gushes. “It was my first time in Ecuador and I just wanted to ensure I was really respectful, but I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.”

During Jordan’s visit, the two of them went horse riding, rode canoes in the jungle, cuddled in hammocks with monkeys, and more. She also took this time to learn more about his culture, something she was able to do with the help of his family, it seems.

Jordan and Pitiuruk’s Love Story is Just Beginning…

Although these love birds had to go their separate ways far too soon, they became determined to reunite ASAP. And thanks to their love story going viral, they’re going to be able to do just that even sooner than expected! Learn why in the video below.

@jordankh_ With a huge thanks to @Flight Centre, @Pitiuruk and I are going to be reunited in ECUADOR so we can begin the next chapter of our story! ✈️❤️ We’re so grateful and can’t wait to have you follow along for our reunion! T-2 weeks! #lovestory #flightcentre #flightcentreau #internationalcouple #lovestorytime #lovestorytheseries #viraltiktokvideo #globaltiktok #ecuador #australia #travel #jungle #amazonrainforest ♬ The Best Part – anamē & gardenstate & Bien

Even this travel agency is invested in Jordan and Pitiuruk’s unexpected love story — how cool is that!? If you’d like to stay up to date on their incredible relationship, you can keep an eye out on Jordan’s social media accounts. In the comments, you’ll find tons of folks who simply can’t help but love their love!

“The way I’d leave my country so fast for this,” one person shares, with another adding, “His beautiful aura is immediately felt. I had that experience almost 18 years ago. And now, we’ve been together for almost 16. LOVES CURES ALL.”

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