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Woman’s Plea For Help Getting Elderly Dog Back To The States Turns Into Unlikely Love Story

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man and woman smiling together. The second shows a close up of a white and brown Border Collie posing outside.

There’s nothing like the bond between a human and their dog. When Adri Pendleton was only 15 years old, she and her Border Collie, Nelly, had an instant connection. The two of them grew up alongside each other, and they were inseparable. This was true even when Adri moved to the Netherlands with her then boyfriend. Together, their lives were pretty great! After a while, though, it became clear that Adri and her significant other were better off going their sperate ways.

Although this was the correct choice, this made things a bit tricky. Because Adri has a disability, she can’t live alone. That meant she would be moving back to California with family. While her ex was more than happy to help with costs to get her back home, it still wasn’t enough to get Nelly flown across the world with her.

A 15-year-old girl smiles as she lays on the grass next to her smiling white and brown Border Collie.

At that point, Nelly was 15 years old. She was diagnosed with epilepsy three years prior, and the vet recently discovered she had a mild heart murmur. For these reasons, putting her in cargo wasn’t an option. She was approved to fly in the cabin, but there wasn’t a single airline willing to allow a dog of Nelly’s size to fly with Adri.

After considering all of their options, including transatlantic ships, only one was left: a private flight where Nelly had the option to stay in-cabin. But where would Adri find this option, and how much would it cost?

Close up of a 15-year-old Nelly looking sweetly at the camera. Text on the image reads: (too big fly cargo, too big to fly cabin)

Kind-Hearted Pilot Flies a Stranger and Her Dog Back to the U.S.

As luck would have it, a pilot named Niklas fell in love with Adri’s dog. So much so, in fact, that he was willing to offer them both a flight on a private jet at no cost! Still, there would be lots of extra expenses they needed help with. Thankfully, loads of people across the world were eager to donate money to make this trip possible!

View of Nelly laying on the floor of a private jet. Text on the image reads: And gets you two back to the US on a private jet. For free.

Back in the United States, Adri is able to start her new life with her family, and dogs, by her side. Her newest dog, Loki, was getting along with Nelly quite well. Best of all, she and Niklas were staying in touch! The two of them would spend hours a day chatting. Soon enough, they even started a long-distance relationship!

Adri couldn’t be more grateful for her family and Niklas’ support. This was especially true when her sweet pup, Nelly, passed away.

Nelly lays on the floor, back to back with Loki. Text on the image reads: She cuddles with the younger dog for the first time ever

As heartbroken as Adri continues to be by this loss, she can’t help but feel as though Nelly set her up with Niklas before she left. Speaking of which, the two of them only got closer, making the long distance between them all-the-more difficult.

Adri and Niklas Get Their Unexpected Happy Ending

Niklas smiles as he cooks in a kichen. Text on the image reads:

and cooks a traditional German meal for your family

(the family loves him so much they say they're keeping him regardless of what happens between you two)

Plus, Adri wasn’t the only one who adored Niklas — even her family found themselves happy to have him in their lives! It’s no wonder, then, that Adri chose to move back to Europe so they can be together more often! Adri and Loki will have to be separated for a while, but soon enough, they’ll be moving to Switzerland with Niklas!

Niklas and Adri smile together. He has an arm around her and she's resting her head on his shoulder. Text on the image reads: back together

Adri never would have guessed kind pilot who helped her dog would change ger life so much, but she couldn’t be more grateful for the unexpected path her life has taken. Especially since, along the way, she’s had the love and support of quite a few loved ones, both human and dog.

“Niklas says he’s tying to be Loki’s step daddy. It won’t be forever that I’ll have to choose which of the two I’m missing more,” Adri shares. “But still missing [Nelly] every single day. Thanks for everything, old girl.”

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