World’s Tiniest Barista Stands On Counter, Demonstrates How To Make A Cappuccino In Adorable Video.

Last Thursday was National Coffee Day. A special day for celebrating our love of all things coffee. Between exams, work, and busy schedules, many of us discovered the magic of a daily mug (or *mugs*) in college or as adults, but the little barista in this video is starting out much earlier!


His name is Adler, and he can be found at Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado on the regular. Now, we’re not sure that it’d be a good idea for little Adler to start enjoying caffeine just yet… But he’s certainly enjoying working behind the counter!

In the video below, the little barista shows the world how he can make a cappuccino all on his own (with adult supervision, of course!), and it’s absolutely the cutest thing.

“Take the electronics away from the youngsters and look at what they can learn when you actually spend time with them.” writes one commenter. “He will own the company when he is older.”

“Oh heavens, I would lose all my money if I ever went to a coffee shop and saw this kid making drinks. I’d have to stop by every day. So cute!!” writes another.

Check out the precious little barista below.

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