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Overweight Mom & Daughter Challenge Each Other To 100 Days Of Exercise. Look Unrecognizable After Weight Loss Journey Together!

mom and daughter before pictures

At the beginning of the video below, New Jersey Mom Cheryl Shaw weighs 256 pounds. “My kids were worried about me because I got so heavy.” she tells the camera. “I”m a single mom, and they depend on me. I’m all they have. I’m definitely an emotional eater and my daughter takes right after me… And I don’t want her to have a lifetime of this.” So Cheryl and her daughter, Tessa– who, at age 17, weighed 181 pounds at the time– decided to do something about it.

Inspired by Lakeisha Shurn‘s 100-day journey toward health, Cheryl and Tessa decided to “give it 100,” meaning make a commitment to exercise every day for 100 consecutive days.

Cheryl and Tessa’s friendship and encouragement for one another is heartwarming. They are there for each other during every step of the journey! “My mom just worked 12 hours in the ER,” says Tessa at one point in the video, “And we’re still going to go for a run!”

What commitment!

After the 100 days come to an end, Cheryl has lost 42 pounds and Tessa has lost 32, for a combined total of 74 pounds!

But that isn’t even the best part.

The best part of the video is at the every end. “We’re back!” the adorable pair sings in unison. “We’re ready to take our fitness to the next level!” says Mom. “You didn’t think we’d stop at 100, did you?” reads the video’s text.

Check out their incredible journey below and share to inspire others!


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