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Welcome To The World’s Coldest Village, Where Temps Can Drop To -80 Degrees!

coldest village siberia

The average American has no idea what a deep freeze feels like. We get hit with a foot of snow or read a thermometer that says 22 degrees Fahrenheit and immediately find ourselves barely able to cope. (Unless you live in the northern part of the American Midwest – then you probably have a higher tolerance for cold.)

Well, there’s a tiny village in Siberia where such conditions are laughable, almost comparable to a day at the beach. The residents there have successfully acclimated to some of the coldest temperatures on Earth. Welcome to Oymyakon.

It’s a small community, made up of roughly 500 people. The children are expected to attend school right up until temperatures sink to -62 degrees. And even that doesn’t touch the coldest possible temperatures that villagers endure annually.

Oymyakon once made international headlines after temperatures dropped so low – an absolutely bone-chilling -80 degrees Farenheit – that it BROKE thermometers.

If you can’t quite grasp just how cold that is, consider this: Your refrigerator’s freezer has an average temperature of about 0 degrees Farenheit. That means that, in theory, you wouldn’t need a proper refrigerator in Oymyakon to get by!

Indeed, life in Oymyakon isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you want to get creative with your eyelash decorations, it might be worth the trip.

The people and the animals that live there get by with smiles on their faces (and sometimes tongues hanging out!).

If you’re a hardcore adventurer, then this Siberian village is definitely a place you’ll want to consider visiting. As you can see from the little clip below, it really is magical! If you’re a fan of unusual tourist stops, definitely share this story!

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