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Worker Uncovers Squirrel’s Secret Stash Of Nuts Hidden Inside Utility Pole

A telephone pole filled with a squirrel's stash of nuts.

This is just about the last place we expected to find a squirrel’s stash! While inspecting a telephone pole, a worker discovered that one of these devious critters had filled up the inside with snacks for later. When they unscrewed the opening, all the nuts that the squirrel had been storing came pouring out! A video of the bizarre find has been going viral online.

Originally, this X user uploaded the hilarious clip of the worker uncovering the squirrel’s stash. The caption was written in Japanese, as were most of the comments. Next, Science girl reposted the video in English. Commenters thought the video was hilarious, but they were also quite indignant that this squirrel had been carefully storing their nuts only to have all their hard work undone!

“You guys broke his lifetime savings,” joked one user of the squirrel’s stash.

“Little guy was preparing. How dare you,” added another.

A telephone pole filled with a squirrel's stash of nuts.
Screengrab from TikTok

It’s too bad that this squirrel’s secret stash had to be removed from its spot. However, telephone poles aren’t really the best place for these animals to hide their food. Maybe next time this squirrel will choose a better location for storing their nuts — preferably one that doesn’t require routine electrical maintenance!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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