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15 Picture-Perfect Dogs Who Are Putting Our Family Photos To Shame

Many people turn to professional trainers when it comes to teaching their furry friends new tricks.

In Miami, Florida, Sandra and Jose run a doggy day care, training, and boarding facility called Woof Pack. They frequently share pictures of the dogs in their program, and you can tell just from looking at their carefully-arranged group shots that these folks are excellent at what they do.

1. Getting just one dog to sit still for a picture can be difficult. Now try it with over a dozen!

2. They even convince the dogs to wear festive hats on special occasions.

3. They’re all looking directly at the camera.

4. Our dog would be soooo out of there! How do they do it?

5. Woof Pack obedience classes teach basic commands like heel, sit, down, come, stay, leave it, and no.

6. “Like humans, some dogs will learn faster than others,” they state on their website.

7. “We provide them with exercise so they are more receptive at the time of training.”

8. “We expose them to different real-world situations so the good behavior is not only when they are inside home but when they go out as well.”

9. “Any dog can be good between four walls, it’s when you take them out that the real challenge begins.”

10. Good trainers learn to read a dog’s body language for better communication.

11. When it comes to training, consistency is key.

12. And as with any skill, practice is essential!

13. Delicious treats provide a great incentive for most dogs.

14. With time, love, and effort, your dog can learn to ignore distractions and focus on what matters most.

15. A well-trained dog can go with you just about anywhere!

These smiling canines make training seem so easy! Time to dig out that clicker and teach our pups some new tricks.

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