Woman Nurses Malnourished Kitten Back To Health And Now She’s Totally Unrecognizable!

It’s not uncommon for stray animals to be found wandering around on their own, hurt and abandoned. Thankfully, there are people like Nur Hamizah Had out there who choose to help each and every day!


That’s exactly what she did when she found a kitten in her backyard in Malaysia one day. She immediately knew it would be a long journey to nurse the poor feline back to full health, but she was certain it would be worth it.

“She was so pitiful to look at,” Nur said. “Her skin was infected and wounded and she smelled very bad.”

Once she was able to get the scared kitten to trust her, Nur took her inside. Soon after, the cat was taken to a vet, where they discovered she weighed only 4 pounds, making her highly malnourished. She also had a variety of other issues, including infections and fungus.

Despite all the health problems, Nur was determined to change this poor little kitty’s life for the better! She named her Meimei, and over the course of a year, she helped nurse her back to health.

It only took about five to six months for Meimei’s fur to start growing back. She also began gaining the weight she so desperately needed quite quickly… because Meimei loves to eat! In fact, her mom said it’s her favorite thing to do.

“Meimei doesn’t have a special diet but she eats about four to five times a day. And after she eats, she always sleeps,” Nur explained with a laugh.

Just one year after being rescued, Meimei is one happy cat! She loves to explore and spend time with Nur as her mom does chores around the house.

“She’s very intelligent too,” Nur said. “It looks like she always understands my husband and I when we talk to her.”

What Nur did for Meimei is truly incredible, and it’s something she will gladly do for any stray she may come across.

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