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Women Over 40 Are Channeling Their Inner Children And Rediscovering The Joy Of Double Dutch.

women in double dutch club pose together

In today’s fast-paced world, finding an exercise routine that not only keeps us physically fit but also brings joy and a sense of community can be a challenge. However, for women over 40, the 40+ Double Dutch Club has become a fountain of youth, allowing them to relive childhood memories and forge new connections. 

Double Dutch, a game previously played predominantly by children, was once a mainstay in urban African American communities. However, as the years have gone by, the game has faded from the childhood repertoire due to the rise of technology and other factors. But now, women 40 and beyond are reclaiming double Dutch as a form of exercise, camaraderie, and a way to pass on the tradition to younger generations.

The 40+ Double Dutch Club was founded in 2016 by Pamela Robinson, a middle-aged mom in Chicago, who sought to recapture the carefree joy of her childhood. Robinson and a group of friends started meeting in a high school parking lot, jumping, playing, and laughing. They soon created a Facebook page that quickly gained traction, attracting women from all over the world who shared their love for double Dutch.

What makes the 40+ Double Dutch Club truly special is that it serves as more than just an exercise group. It has become a safe space for prayer, conversation, and camaraderie among women who can mentor and be mentored by one another. The club offers a respite from the daily challenges of family and work, providing a space for women to come together, have a good time, and enjoy the activities they cherished as children.

Engaging in double Dutch has proven to have significant physical and mental health benefits for women over 40. The rhythmic jumping, twisting, and coordination required in double Dutch can provide a full-body workout, improving cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and stamina. It also releases endorphins, reducing stress and boosting mood. Many women in the 40+ Double Dutch Club have reported improved mental health and overall well-being since joining the group.

The joy of the 40+ Double Dutch Club is not just limited to its members. They actively engage in community outreach, showcasing their double Dutch skills at schools and events. By sharing their passion for the game, they inspire younger generations to rediscover this joyful activity. For heavyset teens who may feel daunted by traditional sports, seeing women who look like them excel in double Dutch can motivate and inspire!

For many members of the 40+ Double Dutch Club, the group has been a lifeline during difficult times. The camaraderie and support they find within the group have helped them navigate through personal challenges, providing a sense of purpose and belonging. Some have even experienced physical health improvements, such as reduced blood pressure and increased stamina. The revitalizing power of double Dutch has transformed their lives in unexpected ways.

Exercise is not just about physical fitness; it’s also about finding activities that bring us joy, foster connections, and improve our mental well-being. The 40+ Double Dutch Club exemplifies the transformative power of exercise, demonstrating that age is no barrier to rediscovering childhood passions and forging new friendships. By embracing the rhythm of double Dutch, women over 40 are not only improving their physical health but also reclaiming their youthful spirit and inspiring others along the way. So, grab a jump rope, join the club, and let the magic of double Dutch guide you to a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.

Check out the video below for a snapshot of the 40+ Double Dutch Club in action!

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