Dad Eats Bad Egg And His “Timeline of Disaster” Goes Viral

Image shows two partial clips of Dave's journal after he suffered food poisoning from eating a bad egg.

Hopefully, you have never eaten a bad egg and will never experience the agony that this poor dad went through. If you have eaten a bad egg, then you will be able to sympathize with Dave Eames. His response to the incident, recorded in his daily journal, was hilarious. His son shared the bi-fold pages of Dave’s journal on X (Twitter), and we can’t stop laughing at Dave’s misfortune.

The journal entry began normal enough, with a comment about colder weather and a shoutout to his favorite sportsball team.

Image from Dave's journal discussing the weather and a basketball game.
Image from X.

Dave’s journal looks fun, with creative drawings and bright colors. But things got a little more intense on the lower half of the page. Dave explained that the family had breakfast for dinner before watching the game. He pointed out the little culprit that caused his downfall.

Image from Dave's journal showing a drawing of the bad egg he ate.
Image from X.

The next page describes, in graphic detail, the exact nature of Dave’s distress.

Image shows a drawing of Dave (the illustrator) standing over a toilet expelling the contents of his stomach after eating a bad egg.
Image from X.

The image Dave drew shows him expelling his breakfast for dinner throughout the night. His belly was rebelling against the bad egg, and his legs were cramping. Medically speaking, the cramps were probably the result of dehydration from the vomiting, but I’m no doctor. Dave wasn’t done drawing, though. The lower half of the page included what he terms the “Timeline of Disaster.”

Image shows the "Timeline of Disaster" from Dave's journal when he suffered from food poisoning after eating a bad egg.
Image from X.

Thursday saw Dave recovering from the “Episode of the Bad Egg.” His wife stayed home from work to nurse him, and the family dog stayed close.

Moving Forward After The Bad Egg Incident

While we feel bad for Dave, a good thing is happening because of it. Dave is sharing his past journals from 1980 to the present! You can follow him on X (Twitter). Dave loves to laugh and would love to have you laugh with him.

In the above video, Dave is laughing at a cat video. Anyone who laughs that much about a cat video has to be a wonderful person. We’re betting on it. If you enjoyed this hilarious look into Dave’s World, please share this. Follow Dave on X for more great drawings and humor.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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