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Woman’s Daughter Passes Unexpectedly — Her Experience Spurs Parents To Cherish Moments With Their Kids.

A little girl is fast asleep in bed. Text on the image reads: And I could not imagine being in that mommas shoes" with a crying emoji.

Nothing can ever truly prepare a parent for losing their own child, no matter their age. But one mom’s heartbreaking experience led her to share her story online. One night, a couple of days before Christmas, her little girl wouldn’t eat dinner — but she still wanted chocolate. Mom was set on the fact that she wouldn’t get chocolate if she didn’t eat dinner first, so she didn’t get any. When Mom went to wake her up the next day, she had already passed away.

This was completely unexpected, and they still don’t know why exactly she didn’t make it. This led Mom to drastically change the way she parents, particularly when it comes to bending rules. She still makes sure her son is healthy and safe, of course, but she’s careful to not say “no” too often just because it feels like she has to all of the time. Now, parents everywhere are taking her advice to heart, including a Mom named Briana.


Just let them.

♬ take a moment to breathe. – normal the kid

“He asked and I immediately said no because I was cooking him breakfast and then I remembered that video,” Briana wrote on TikTok.

Sure, kids probably shouldn’t have ice cream for breakfast every day, but Briana said, there’s absolutely no harm in allowing kids to have special moments like this every once in a while. Life is too short, after all.

A mom named Joana had a similar experience. She’s been having a lot of trouble keeping her daughter in her room at night when it’s time to sleep. As frustrating as this can be, when her kiddo recently asked if she could sleep with her because she was scared, she decided to say yes for once.

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Countless parents have left comments sharing how this mom’s story opened their eyes to the way they parent. The time we have with our loved ones is never guaranteed, and this heartbreaking story serves as a reminder of this fact.

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