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Jeremy Renner Reveals The Life Lessons His Near-Death Experience Instilled

Jeremy Renner talks on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

After a near-death experience at the start of 2023, Jeremy Renner is back at work! Although he shared his journey on social media, Renner gave more details of that day while chatting with Jimmy Fallon. The story starts with Renner and his family being snowed in for a few days. Having the knowledge and experience to use a Sno-Cat, Renner tried to clear the road.

In turn, however, something went wrong. The machine got out of his hands, and it started to run into Renner’s nephew. At this point, it was sure to crush him. So, to prevent that from happening, Renner jumped on it. This led to him getting caught up in the tracks, and he broke 38 bones. As horrific as this day was to experience, Renner shares that it helped him learn lessons he’ll never forget. The first has to do with the way he now views “bad days” in his life.

“[You’re] being tested to your limits, your physical limits, your spiritual limits, your emotional limits,” Renner says. “It’s like, I won’t have a bad day for the rest of my life. It’s impossible, right? There’s that gift.”

But this change in perspective isn’t the only inspiring lesson Renner has learned. After such a traumatic accident, he had to relearn how to do basic tasks. As a result, he sees that, like rehab, everything in life needs to be taken one step at a time.

Jeremy Renner Shares Lessons Learned After Near-Death Experience

“In order to walk, you have to put one foot down and then another foot in front of it, and then you’re walking. Just like breathing, I had to exhale with all my might, so I can suck air back in,” Renner explains. “… If we get too stressed, or if things get too difficult — or if it’s insurmountable odds or whatever it might be, it’s just put one foot down and then put another foot down and then move towards it.”

Wow, what incredible takeaways after such a traumatic accident! Truly, we can all take something away from these valuable lessons.

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