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Woman Uses Mysterious Amazon Packages That Show Up At Her Door To Better Her Community.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Cindy Smith talking as she sits on her front porch swing next to a stack of Amazon boxes. The second shows two large stacks of Amazon packages sitting outside a front door.

When life gives you unexpected Amazon packages, you give them away to everyone you meet. At least that’s what one Virginia woman has been doing. Cindy Smith was surprised enough when one package she didn’t order showed up at her door, but her confusion only grew with each one she received. Before she knew it, she had about a dozen pairs of binoculars, 800 glue guns, and 1,000 headlamps.

The packages were made out to a Lixiao Zhang, though the address certainly belonged to Cindy. At first, she thought it might be a brushing scheme – that’s when vendors make fake sales to inflate 5-star reviews. But once Amazon investigated, it turns out that a company was looking to get rid of products and this was the cheapest route.

As an environmental science professor and conservationist, she didn’t want the products to go to waste. So, she decided to do what she could by giving them away.

“A lot of people told me I was weird,” Cindy told WUSA-TV. “I would drive around with headlamps and glue guns in the car. I gave them to everybody I met.”

Thankfully, the seller’s shop has been shut down on Amazon, so Cindy won’t have to distribute these products for long. Still, it’s lovely that she was able to help places like her local dog shelter when presented with an otherwise frustrating situation!

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