“I Live To Fly.” 100-Yr-Old Veteran Takes To The Skies Once More In WWII-Era Biplane.

This veteran is 100 years old and thrilled to be back on a plane.

A former airman with the U.S. Navy recently regained his wings for a short flight courtesy of a volunteer organization that celebrates veterans. Donald Muncy was fresh from high-school when he joined the military, serving in both WWII and the Korean War. After completing his service, he became a commercial pilot. Now 100 years old, Donald was thrilled to be back in the sky!

“I live to fly,” he told Fox News Digital. “I was raised on aviation. It’s always great to get in the air. It was a beautiful flight.”

Darryl Fisher, founder of Dream Flights, was responsible for flying the 1942 Boeing biplane. He explained that this type of airplane was mostly used for training at the time.

“If you were 18 or 19 in 1942 and joined the service, and you’re going to be an airman and walked out to the airport for your first flight, there’s a 90% chance this is the plane you were flying,” said the pilot.

Although Dream Flights was initially conceived as a one-time event to show veterans some appreciation, the results were so positive that Darryl decided to keep going. Donald’s flight marked the 6,000th one of its kind.

This veteran is 100 years old and thrilled to be back on a plane.
Screengrab from Fox News Digital

“We had this idea to call a local care facility and bring a veteran out on a flight, just as a lark,” said the founder. “I had no idea this is where it would go.”

Since he wasn’t flying the plane, Donald was able to get plenty of pictures and videos to commemorate the ride.

“It was an honor to serve the country,” said the veteran. “It really was. Being a product of the Depression, the Navy, the military gave me all my education and my opportunities and introduced me to great people to work with.”

Watch the video below to see footage of Donald’s flight!

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