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Woman Takes Hilariously Long Time To Recognize Her Sister During Surprise Reunion

A young woman holds her hand over her face in surprise.

When one woman planned a surprise reunion with her sister, she didn’t think this would happen! Elizabeth Marie Stam shared the most hilarious video on social media of a precious family moment gone slightly wrong. In the clip, she approached her sibling as a random traveler, wearing sunglasses and a cap to disguise her face. However, it worked a little too well — the other woman really thought she was a complete stranger!

Instead of revealing the surprise reunion right away, Elizabeth asked her sister if she wouldn’t mind helping her record a video. After handing off her phone, she stepped away to do a little dance on camera. Her sister thought nothing of it, until the “stranger” took off her hat and sunglasses. The other woman was totally shocked when she realized who was standing right in front of her!

“What is happening?” she shouted, confused and excited at the same time.

Elizabeth’s sister still seemed to be recovering from the surprise reunion when the traveler went in for a hug. It took a little while to sink in, but she seemed pretty happy when she finally figured it out!

“It took her so long to process,” the content creator wrote in her caption.

A young woman holds her hand over her face in surprise.
Screengrab from TikTok

This video has gone viral online. People in the comments section thought it was hilarious that the woman couldn’t recognize her own sister in sunglasses.

“And they say Hannah Montana wearing a blonde wig as a disguise is not realistic,” one user joked.

“Her poor brain made her freeze,” wrote another, sympathetically.

It seems like Elizabeth didn’t take it too personally that her sister didn’t recognize her at the beginning of the surprise reunion. After all, it was part of her plan to deceive her sibling as to her identity. She just didn’t think it would be that easy!

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