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Woman Shocked To See Mom’s Long-Lost Charm From WWII Listed On eBay

A heart-shaped, engraved pendant on a dark background.

When this Utah woman was browsing eBay, she didn’t expect to come across a precious charm that had belonged to her mother years ago! Joan Eccles has been reunited with an incredible memento, and it’s all thanks to her habit of surfing the web. While searching the internet, she stumbled across a piece of vintage jewelry that she was certain had gone missing decades back! This one-of-a-kind charm is now back where it belongs.

According to KSL News, there’s a romantic story behind the charm that the elderly woman found on eBay. Back in 1944, Joan’s stepfather had sent her and her mother a pair of matching gifts for Valentine’s Day while he was serving in the military. They were two heart-shaped pendants with personalized inscriptions. UPI tells us that, for Joan, he wrote “New Guinea, To My Darling Joan, 1944.” Then, for Joan’s mom, he wrote “New Guinea, To My Darling Wife, 1944.”

By chance, Joan was able to find the missing charm on eBay.

A woman's hand holding an engraved, heart-shaped charm.
Screengrab from YouTube

Joan has always treasured her beautiful pendant, but her mother’s was lost sometime around her death in 1963. That is, until she found a charm with the exact same inscription on eBay! Because the item was personalized, there was no doubt in her mind that this was the missing memento.

The following Mother’s Day, Joan received a special surprise from her daughters, Vikki Fredrickson and Staci Wilson. They had purchased the charm from eBay just for her! Now, the elderly woman plans to keep it in a display case along with her own matching pendant, according to KSL News.

A heart-shaped, engraved pendant on a dark background.
Screengrab from YouTube

It turns out that the charm had somehow ended up in the possession of an eBay seller in California. As Staci explained, the woman had found the item at a random flea market. Someone was selling a number of things that they had laying around the house, and the pendant happened to be among them.

What an amazing coincidence! We’re so glad that Joan has been reunited with her mother’s precious charm via eBay.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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