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Woman Shares Incredible Twist Of Fate On Day She Was Supposed To Get Married

A woman talks into her camera, hand on her chest from getting emotional.

Sometimes, it can feel as though our lives are crumbling down around us. When these moments of hopelessness take over, it’s difficult to see the potential for a better, brighter future. I imagine that this is how Tori Hughes felt right after she and her fiancé called off their wedding. At that time, she was unable to know what her future had in store. But now, years later, she’s learning about a twist of fate that has left her speechless.

After her last relationship ended, Tori eventually started to date someone new. The two of them had been dating for eight months when he initiated an unusual but fun game. As her boyfriend listed some of the most significant days in his life, he had Tori tell him if anything special happened to her that day. For the most part, the answer was “no.” Then they got to November 13, 2022 — this was the day that she and her ex were going to get married.

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For Tori, this was the intended day of her marriage. But for her boyfriend, it was the very day that he moved to the same city as his now girlfriend. Wow! How incredible is that timing!? It’s no wonder Tori feels as though this relationship truly was meant to be — and so many of the people who have seen this viral video couldn’t agree more!

Twist of Fate Reminds Woman That Everything Works Out in the End

As you can imagine, Tori got “literal chills” over this information. But she’s not sharing this story just to showcase how well things have turned out for her. She’s also hoping it’ll encourage others who feel as though there is no hope — and it’s working.

“Reminds me of the saying you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes that’s working in your favor,” someone in the comments shares.

“When we look backwards in life it is easy to see the miracles that led us here. It’s looking forward that freaks us out,” someone else adds. “Keep trusting in the miracles.”

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