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Woman Shares Beautiful “Moments Raising My Sister With Down Syndrome” After Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis

A blonde woman and her sister with Down syndrome smiling.

When a young woman stepped in to help raise her sister with Down syndrome, she had no way of knowing how difficult it was going to be. She also didn’t know that the ups and downs of parenthood would be so rewarding! Sarah Carolyn shared a beautiful post on social media highlighting some of her most unforgettable moments with her sister, Emily. Some of them were emotional and some were hilarious, but they all showcase the relationship that these two siblings have developed over the years!

It all started when Sarah and Emily’s mother was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. Mom knew that she was going to need more assistance at home, so she asked her older daughter if she’d be willing to help raise her little sister with Down syndrome. Sarah says that she felt an “immense fear of failure” at the thought of bringing up her own sibling. However, she also felt “the great desire to protect/care for her.”

A little girl with brown hair and a pink shirt smiling.
Screengrab from TikTok

At first, things were a little rocky! Although Sarah tried her best, there were still moments when her sister with Down syndrome got into trouble. For example, one moment that stands out in her memory is when Emily made a very questionable meal choice.

“The day I thought I was getting the hang of things until she told me she ate 11 cheese sticks for breakfast,” the older sibling recalled in her social media post.

A young girl with Down syndrome giving a thumbs up.
Screengrab from TikTok

On another occasion, Emily sent out an unsupervised email that was distinctly lacking in decorum.

“When she sent my nursing professor an email w the subject ‘suck it, Barb,'” Sarah wrote, adding “Her name was not Barb…”

Raising her sister was a lot of work, but Sarah wouldn’t have things any other way.

These tough parenting moments were offset by wonderful bonding experiences! Sarah got to watch her sister with Down syndrome grow and change throughout the years. She also got to be there for some of her sibling’s biggest achievements, from pursuing job opportunities to having her photo displayed in Times Square!

A blonde woman and her sister with Down syndrome smiling.
Screengrab from TikTok

“The greatest gift I ever received was the opportunity to help raise her,” the older sister concluded.

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