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Woman Saves Young Pigeon, Chronicles How She Became A Member Of The Family.

A woman gently pets a rescue pigeon with her fingertips.

When a woman spotted a lonely, frightened pigeon outside, she new she had to help. What she didn’t know yet was that she’d just met her knew best friend! Abby shared her story on TikTok, where she explained that her first instinct was to contact a wildlife rescue. They asked her to pick up the bird and bring her over. However, once Abby had the pigeon in her arms, she never wanted to let her go!

At first, the woman was worried about the rescue pigeon because she seemed to be shaking. That’s when she learned that these birds could purr! Since the creature was still quite young, Abby had to teach her how to eat. This involved feeding her by hand.

“She was just so happy to be safe,” the TikToker said.

While things couldn’t have worked out better for Abby and her pet rescue pigeon, she still shared a word of caution to her viewers about picking up stray birds.

“Ok don’t do this with ANY other type of bird (pigeons are feral and domesticate fast, THEY’RE NOT WILD), and don’t bond with a bird that you won’t keep,” she warned.

A woman gently pets a rescue pigeon with her fingertips.
Screengrab from TikTok

Although they’re not for everyone, some birds can make adorable pets. Thanks to her willingness to rescue a pigeon in need, Abby now has a wonderful feathered friend!

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