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The Perfect Coffee Mate: Helpful Lovebird Has A Nifty Trick For Morning Cup O’ Joe.

Close up of a lovebird sitting at a dining room table. The bird is opening a packet of sugar with their beak as their owner holds the packet.

Having a pet can change your life. Oftentimes, the topic of pets centers around dogs and cats. But if you ask me, birds don’t get nearly as much love and attention as they deserve. Like our four-legged friends, out feathered friends are also great options to have as companions. There are many types of birds to adore but, today, I’m going to focus on the lovebird.

First of all, yes, this bird is just as adorable as their name implies. They’re considered to be one of the smaller parrot species, and they are known for their affectionate disposition, both with their mates and their beloved humans.

This can be seen in the sweet ways lovebirds interact with their owners. You can find all kinds of videos online, but one of my favorites has to be of this couple in Italy. While the two are enjoying a nice breakfast, their lovebird decides to join.

Adorable Lovebird Helps Their Humans With Breakfast

That alone makes this a cute moment, but then this lovebird takes things up a notch. When one of her owners holds out a packet of sugar, the clever bird immediately uses their beak to open it. In doing so, the bird leave behind an oddly perfect zigzag shape.

As you can imagine, this absolutely delights the sweet bird’s owners, sending them into a fit of laughter. This has also prompted lots of folks to wonder if they, too, should get a bird.

A man laughs as he holds a sugar packet in front of his lovebird. The bird is sitting on the dining table and is starting to open the pack of sugar with their beak.

“I’ve never heard of a lovebird before but now I want one!” one person writes. “He’s so cute and helpful.”

What a great reminder that, when looking for a new pet to love, birds are a fantastic option!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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