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Woman Rents House For Homeless Retired Officer Waiting For His Pension.

Two images showing lifestyle vlogger Julia Nnena helping a homeless retired officer move into an apartment she rented for him.

Some people call her a prankster, but Julia Nnena is a saint in a dress — at least to the homeless and downtrodden in Liverpool, NSW, Australia. Julia is a lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. But she also has a sideline. She pranks people by asking them to help her. Those who offer assistance get a surprise from Julia as she explains the real nature of her request for help. An elderly, homeless retired officer discovered the depths of her generosity in January.

Julia Nnena meets a homeless retired officer and begins the process of helping him.
Image from YouTube.

Julia began the interaction by explaining that she had no food and asking the gentleman for anything. She claimed to have lost all her money. The homeless retired officer gave her money without hesitation. At that point, she told him it was a prank and that she didn’t really need help. He didn’t understand at first. She explained again until he seemed to grasp what was happening.

After their first exchange, Julia Nnena and the homeless retired officer exchange information about his circumstances.
Image from YouTube.

Julia noticed a problem with his leg and asked to see it. He explained that he had been sick. The words are difficult to hear in the video, but you can sense that Julia cares about this stranger she just met. She asked more questions to learn about his past and how he ended up homeless. He explained that his family is all in Lagos and that he is a retired officer awaiting his pension. She asked if he was still taking his medications, but he told her he had no more medicine.

Julia Nnena checks an injury on the homeless man's leg.
Image from YouTube.

Julia talked to the homeless retired officer for a while to learn about his story. His genuine personality moved her. Julia asked if he would be in the same spot the following day. After a brief back-and-forth, it was determined that he would be there. She left, vowing to return.

And return she did!

The next day, Julia was back with a whole crew of helpers. They got the gentleman up and walked him to a car.

It's moving day. Julia Nnena has rented an apartment for the homeless retired officer.
Image from Facebook.

From there, they drove to a new apartment that Julia had rented for him. Julia gave the man a quick tour of the unfurnished apartment. Then she set about putting sheets on the brand-new mattress for him.

Julia helps the man get settled in his new apartment.
Image from Facebook.

The man seemed to be in a state of shock and disbelief. He changed into new clothing and permitted Julia to bag his dirty clothing for cleaning. We are sure that Julia is not done helping this gentleman. He needs an affidavit or some official documentation to get his pension. We think Julia will also be working to help him with that process.

After checking out a few more videos on Julia’s YouTube channel, we want to restate our initial observation: Julia Nnena is a saint. We’re sure this no-longer homeless retired officer would agree! You can watch the entire moving day adventure below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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