Woman Poses As A Server To Surprise Her Mom After Flying Cross-Country… And Mom Doesn’t Recognize Her!

pose as server

This woman flew from California to Illinois to surprise her mom for Christmas by dressing up as a server at one of her favorite restaurants. She hilariously captured the surprise on video, thinking she’d have a heartwarming clip to share online. But as you’ll see below, her mom’s reaction wasn’t as she expected.


Mia Tidwell a self-proclaimed “Master of Surprise & Disguise” pulled the trick on her mom with the help of a Cracker Barrel team and her stepdad. First, the managers outfitted her with a “Rising Star” uniform. Then her stepdad took her mom out for breakfast. The general manager sat at the table behind them and filmed the interactions.

Mia pranking mom

Wearing a hat and glasses, Mia posed as her parents’ server. She took their order, delivered their drinks and condiments, and more, and her mom never caught on. All the while, the staff stood in the background, shocked. Forty-five minutes later, after several table stops, Mia decided to reveal her identity, and she gave her mom the surprise of a lifetime.

Mia headed back to the table with some of the staff members following, and she ripped off her hat and glasses. Her mom froze for a second and then jumped up for a hug.

Got her!

In a different post, Mia offered a theory as to why her mom didn’t recognize her. She said that when you see someone in a different element, especially when you don’t expect to see them, you’re simply not looking for them. That’s how her mom missed the obvious.

Mia admitted that she was a little “insulted” at first. She even gave her mom some shade for falling for the prank. But her mom said, “Well, Mia, you just called me that morning and said you were out to breakfast with your girlfriends, and then an hour later, you were my server at Cracker Barrel. Like, why would I anticipate that being?”

Mia shared that she’d been trying to surprise her mom for years. She said she usually shows up places in wigs and elaborate costumes, but she never expected her to fall for the old glasses and hat trick. So, she had to plan a big reveal on the fly.

Watch below to see Mia pose as a server and pull off the simple prank.


Flew across the US to surprise my Mom and disguise myself as her server…AND she didn’t recognize me! She might need to get to know her daughter better. 😂 Thanks to The Cracker Barrel for letting me disguise myself as a “Rising Star” server for the holidays. #prank #prankvideo #atyourservice #disguise #undercoverboss #socialexperiment #fyp #crackerbarrel #christmassurprise #daughterpranks

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