Grandma With Incredible Sense Of Humor Makes Unique Craft Before She Passes.

A grandma made cards to be given out at her funeral saying, "Keep in touch."

Death is an inevitable part of life. At some point, we will all succumb to it. Sometimes, we know beforehand; sometimes, it is an unscheduled shock to family and friends. Jodie Perryman had a warning and began making preparations before her death. As a crafter, the grandma made cards to be handed out at her funeral.

Grandma Jodie made cards to be handed out at her funeral.
Image from X (Twitter).

Jodie died of cancer at age 81. Her funeral was held in Breckenridge, Texas, on October 18, 2022. When friends and relatives received the cards, the response was, “…that’s so Jodie of her.” Gracie Perryman, Jodie’s granddaughter, is a 20-year-old college student. She traveled three hours from Austin, TX, for the funeral and thought the cards were hysterical.

But it wasn’t just the message to “Keep in Touch” that had people cracking up. Jodie also included a picture of herself with her tongue sticking out and offering a two-fingered salute with both middle fingers raised. We blurred our versions, but you can see the unedited version in the original Tweet. And as if that wasn’t enough, to ensure that friends and family had the means to keep in touch, Jodie included mini Ouija boards and planchettes.

A mini Ouija board and planchette.
Image from X (Twitter).

During a telephone interview with Today, Gracie stated that her grandmother had warned friends and family on Facebook in August that she would make sure they all had Ouija boards to “keep in touch” after her death. Most brushed off the warning as Jodie being her normal, silly self. When she received her gift at the funeral, Gracie recalls thinking, “What on Earth is this?”

It took the room a few seconds before the 30 to 40 attendees burst out in laughter. The reaction, choreographed by Jodie, allowed the feisty grandma to get the last laugh. The cards and individual Ouija boards will be a memory that will make people smile through their grief. Gracie admitted that she and her roommates attempted to use the tiny Ouija boards in the card from her grandma but were unsuccessful in contacting Jodie in the afterlife.

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