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Woman Opens “Time Capsule” And Models Grandma’s Honeymoon Wardrobe 70 Yrs Later.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of maddy holding her grandma's vintage suitcase. and on the right there is an old picture of her grandma.

A lot has changed in the fashion world in the past 70 years, but good taste never goes out of style.

Maddy Bill of Ambler, Pennsylvania enjoyed a close relationship with her grandparents growing up. Her grandfather passed away two decades ago, but 91-year-old Marie D’Alessandro Donato is still alive and well. Recently, Maddy inherited a suitcase full of her clothing that she’d kept untouched for more than 70 years.

Marie wore these clothes on her honeymoon trip to New York City, so each outfit is imbued with beautiful memories of young love. When she returned home to Pennsylvania, Marie washed all of the garments and then placed them back inside the luggage as a sort of time capsule for her future grandchildren.

“I’ve always known about this suitcase ever since I was a little girl,” Maddy explained. “My mom discovered it when she was a little older and she told me about it and she selflessly saved it for me and my sister for when we were of age.”

She opened the suitcase in a TikTok video, and was soon inundated with requests for her to model the clothing. Happily, she obliged!

1. Maddy distinctly recalls seeing photos of her grandmother wearing this black dress in the 50s. It’s a perfect fit!

Opening the case brought back sweet memories of Maddy’s grandparents. She remembers hearing about their honeymoon as a child. Even though it rained the entire trip, Marie says she didn’t care because she was with her “honey.”

2. Here’s a dress Marie once wore to the train station all those years ago.

3. All of the clothes are in perfect vintage condition. Plus, they “fit like a glove” on Maddy’s 27-year-old frame.

4. “It’s pretty cool how they’ve been so intact to this day,” she said. “Like it was 70 years ago [and] there’s elastic on some of the pieces and [they’re] still springy.”

5. Maddy says she has worn other garments of her grandmother’s before, but this is the first time she has ever tried on the clothes inside the suitcase.

6. “She had a few blouses that I’ve worn out to dinner with my boyfriend and one of my best friends, and I just feel like it’s cool that it’s just a part of her that I’m bringing into the present day, and it does make me feel closer to her.”

7. So far she’s modeled everything from dresses to scarves, jewelry, and other accessories.

8. Her videos are a huge hit online and have earned admirers from all over the world.

9. So far she’s racked up over 6 million views!

10. Marie doesn’t use TikTok, but she is thrilled that her old clothes are bringing joy to so many strangers.

Maddy plans to wear Marie’s dresses on a future special occasion. The rest of the wardrobe will go back into the suitcase to be preserved for the next generation. Perhaps in 70 years, we’ll see Maddy’s grandchildren wearing these clothes!

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