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Too Cute: Dad Turns Leftover Fabric Into Tiny Pillow For Cat.

man petting cat and holding tiny pillow

We hear so much about dog moms and dog dads. But what about cat parents? This feline father had an adorable approach to making his cat feel loved. This cat dad made a tiny pillow for his sweet little man!

I can hardly handle how precious this video is. You can see the cat dad leaning forward to tuck the mini pillow right under his cat George’s itsy bitsy kitty head.

George the Cat is living in the lap of luxury with a dad who loves to give kitty gifts! I’ve never seen a more content cat nap in my life.

This cat pillow fit perfectly under George’s head, and George’s dad was clearly proud of his little creation. He used scrap material to make the pillow fit just right for George.

cat laying head on small cat pillow
This precious, sleepy image is from Reddit.

“Good night sweet Georgie,” commented one user on the Reddit post, wishing George a great cat nap.

“Awwww how he put his head on it, he knew exactly what it was for,” said another fan. George is used to sweet gifts from his cat dad!

What a nice reminder to give our precious pets some extra love.

The featured image for this post is from Reddit.

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