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Woman Plans The Perfect Proposal Reaction — But The Real One Is 10 Times Better!

Woman practices her reaction to marriage propisal, but her real reaction is much funnier.

Since we live in a world in which every major moment will likely be documented on video or film, it makes sense to ready our best reaction faces ahead of time. A TikToker named Madison Esser grew up in this digital age, so when it became clear that a marriage proposal from her boyfriend was imminent, she did what anyone would do. She pulled out her phone and recorded herself reacting to a “proposal” that hadn’t happened yet, then shared the adorable video online.

You know what they say about “best laid plans,” though; they seldom work out like we thought they would! At the end of her video, Madison shared a still from the video taken when her boyfriend actually did pop the question. Let’s just say, her reaction was pretty far from the one she’d practiced.

We love that Madison can laugh at her own dorky moments, don’t you? We think her actual reaction was even cuter than her contrived reaction, but that’s just us. We love quirky people with great sense of humor!

Madison’s fans loved the video too, and many asked for the real proposal video, which she also shared. Watch it below to see how adorable she actually looked, and don’t forget to share to bring a smile to someone’s face today.


Replying to @itslikejackieee so many happy dances 😆😆 #weddingproposal #engagement #funnyproposal #fyp

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