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Woman Gets Stuck In Turnstile At Disneyland, Loses 350 Pounds On Her Way To Healthier Life.

woman before and after losing 350 pounds

Jacquline Adan took the most embarrassing moment of her life and used it as motivation to make a drastic change. Jacqueline Adan’s blunder happened when she and her friends took a trip to Disneyland. She was completely humiliated as she tried to make her way through a turnstile at the theme park and got stuck.

She joked about it with her friends when she finally left but then went to the restroom and cried her eyes out. The experience was the last straw for Jacqueline in her battle with her obesity. “I was pretty much mortified,” Jaqueline said. So she decided that it was never going to happen again.

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For fear and shame, Adan said it had been over four years since she weighed herself so when she stepped into an office at Jenny Craig she was couldn’t believe what the scale read: 510 pounds.

“I thought I was going to pass out,” said Jaqueline. “This could not be real life.”

But it was real. She knew it was a wake up call that she would have to get serious about losing weight.

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Jacqueline began her journey to a better life in March 2012, a time as she describes as the heaviest she’s ever been. She set a goal to lose 300 pounds, a seemingly impossible task.

Her Jenny Craig consultant began to work with her to eat better and get in shape. Jacqueline says it was anything but easy but she did it! She lost 350 pounds!

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But her weight isn’t the only thing affected by her drastic change. Jacqueline says that her confidence has been affected because of all her excess skin. She is proud of shedding the pounds but is constantly reminded of who she once was. So she is currently trying to raise money to surgically remove the extra skin she has. You can find out more information here.

For anyone trying to lose weight, Jacqueline has a few words of wisdom: set realistic goals, take small steps, keep friends around to encourage you, don’t avoid the scale, and you’re more than a number.

What an encouraging story of perseverance and determination.

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Jaqueline Adan Instagram

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