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Woman Lives Out Her Dream, Meets And Pets Sweet 30 Yr-Old Penguin.

There are countless adorable creatures to love but, sometimes, there are certain ones we connect with more than the rest. Personally, my two favorites are cats and ducks. But for Lindsay’s mom, penguins are hands down the best. In fact, she’s spent much of her life dying to meet one. That’s what makes the moment she finally meets a penguin so special!

Together, they ventured to SeaWorld in San Diego. Here, they offer penguin encounters. In doing so, this sweet lady was able to get up close and personal with the birds she adores so much.

An older lady smiles as she stands in an enclosure where she meets a penguin for the first time. Surrounding her are several penguins.

As you can imagine, Lindsay was able to capture quite a lot of wholesome moments that day. She’s shared many of them on her TikTok page, and they are the definition of heartwarming.

In the video below, you can watch as her mom befriends a Gentoo penguin. In no time, it’s clear the penguins love her just as much as she loves them.

Woman Has Adorable Penguin Encounter

@royalmaleficent Mum found another friend – a Gentoo this time. #penguinexperience #seaworldsandiego #gentoopenguin #penguin ♬ original sound – Lindsay

Although you don’t need a reason to love penguins other than the fact that they’re insanely cute, a curious person asked Lindsay why her mom has loved them for so long. Her answer? Sweeter than you can imagine.

“She feels a connection with them,” Lindsay writes. “They are super clumsy on the land and graceful in the water — just like her.”

An older woman smiles as she bends over and pets a penguin.

Of all the incredible footage Lindsay has from that day, the most popular video is the one where her mom gently pets a Macaroni penguin as a SeaWorld employee talks about the creature.

Like Lindsay’s mom, the penguin is also a lovely elderly lady. She loves people and is often one of the birds to come out and greet folks. Lindsay’s mom dons a penguin hat and earrings and, as soon as she turns around, it’s clear she’s been crying tears of joy.

An older woman laughs, eyes closed, as she pets a penguin during a penguin encounter at SeaWorld. She's wearing a penguin hat.

“Just two grandmas sharing a space together,” one person says in the comments.

Truly, what a special penguin encounter for a special lady. People are calling this a core memory, and I couldn’t agree more!

Watch the wholesome moment Lindsay’s mom finally meets a penguin for the first time in the video below.

@royalmaleficent Mum has always wanted to meet a penguin #penguinexperience #seaworldsandiego #macaronipenguin #penguin ♬ original sound – Lindsay

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