Woman Has A Baby And Her Horse Instantly Becomes Obsessed.

baby in stroller with horse

The bond between a woman and her horse is palpable. But the bond between a woman’s horse and a baby? Absolutely unmatched.

This horse-loving mom has brought her baby to meet her horse and her equine friend was instantly obsessed.

horse obsessed with woman's baby
This image is from TikTok.

As the clip goes on, you can see the horse sticking her face as close to the baby as she could. Mom had to butt in there, but the intent was clearly loving!

Her horse is protective and loving, immediately adopting this sweet baby as one of her new family members.

Hundreds of thousands of folks have fawned over this adorable clip of the horse and her new best friend. The comment section is full of oos and aaahs.

“The horse and baby are absolutely adorable!! She is so protective of the baby! She is like ‘Girl you better stop, that baby is all mine!'” said one fan, totally understanding where the horse was coming from.

“Omg love this!! My in-laws horses donkey and all her farm animals are this way with our 1 year old!! They love our girls especially the baby,” said another viewer, relating to the sentiment.

This duo is unbelievably precious. They’re a true testament to the way that friendship can conquer all barriers. Regardless of age or species, this horse has this child’s back for forever!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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