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5 Times Raccoons Won Us Over With Their Charisma: WATCH

Raccoons at this wildlife center are too cute!

Raccoons steal more than just our trash: when they let their personalities show, they also steal our hearts! Videos from River Bandit Wildlife Rescue demonstrate just how loveable raccoons can be, especially when they feel safe and secure. The nonprofit’s TikTok page is filled with adorable clips of these four-legged troublemakers enjoying a life of leisure. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite raccoons being cute below!

It’s important to remember that, while the raccoons in these videos may look cute and cuddly, it’s never a good idea to approach one of these creatures in the wild. Staff members at River Bandit Wildlife Rescue are trained professionals who know how to handle these animals. Let’s just leave the raccoon wrangling to them!

1. Who could resist that face?

That face! Whatever he wants, we’ll get it for him!

2. If at first you don’t succeed…

They’re kids at heart.

3. That’s one relatable raccoon!

This raccoon is living our dream life.

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