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Woman Gets Seated Next To An Infant On Their First Flight — And It Goes Way Better Than You’d Expect!

baby flight

A stranger did the sweetest thing for a baby on her flight, and the whole world is giving her praise for it.

A little girl named Romey took her very first flight recently, and she was lucky enough to sit next to a woman named Meegan Rubin, who was passing the time knitting.

Romey was enthralled with Meegan’s handiwork and intently watched her weave the yarn into a beautiful craft. So when the plane lulled the baby to sleep, Meegan decided to knit her a keepsake.

When the flight landed, baby Romey woke up to a brand new beanie that fit just right. Romey’s parents caught the reveal on camera, and it shows that them, Romey, and half the passengers were touched by the thoughtful gesture. You can watch below.


W Stranger 🥹 @Podfathers Show (via:@Kelly Ryan)

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After Romey’s mom, Kelly Levine, posted the video on her TikTok page, her story went viral and even captured the attention of PEOPLE, which asked for some more of the backstory.

“She was just staring at her blatantly and amazed at how fast her hands were moving,” Kelly told the publication. “It entertained her for hours of the flight, just kind of observing her.”

“[Meegan] was just so kind. She had said how good Romey was and how beautiful she was,” she continued.

Romey sleeping

They were on a flight to Newark International Airport from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and they got to know each other through small talk. All the while, Meegan was hurridly working on a project, but Kelly never asked what it was for.

Mother Was Anxious Ahead of Her Baby’s First Flight

Just as soon as the flight landed, Meegan said, “OK, I’m done” and handed her the yellow baby hat

“I just couldn’t help myself. She’s so good,” Meegan added.

“Turns out she had whipped up and crocheted this beanie for Romey in the last maybe two hours of the flight, unbeknownst to us. It was beyond kind and such a shock,” Kelly continued. “Everyone around us stood up and noticed just this beautiful encounter with a stranger. It was just an unbelievable kind of moment.”

Beanie baby

What made the encounter even more special was that Kelly went on the trip with a lot of anxiety. Having never flown with her baby, she didn’t know what to expect. To top it off, she admitted that she has a fear of flying herself.

“You don’t know who you’re going to be sitting next to,” she shared, “if they’re going to be annoyed if the baby acts up, or if the baby starts to need me to get up or walk around the plane. All those things go through your head as a parent.”

But the kindness of a stranger made her experience more than pleasant. Be sure to share this story and remind others that

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