“My Mom Died Weeks Before Knowing That She Passed The Bar Exam. 24 Years Later, Here I Am, Fulfilling What She Started.”

Trisha Amoranto gathers with friends to see the results of her taking the bar exam. They're all screaming and Trisha looks like she's starting to cry.

Every milestone we reach is worth celebrating, but some are more special to us than others. For this young woman, one of those milestones is passing her bar exam. It’s well known that this exam is quite difficult — it’s common for folks to have to take it at least twice before passing. Plus, Trisha is in the Philippines which is said to have one of the hardest bar exams in the world. But one of the reason passing means so much to Trisha Amoranto has to do with her late mom.


When Trisha was only a year old, her mom died. At that time, Mom was pursuing her own career in law. In fact, she had recently taken the bar exam but hadn’t yet found out if she passed it. Weeks after her death, her family was told that she had, in fact, passed the exam.

Trisha Amoranto smiles as she walks away from a building that reads "Ateneo De Naga."

This moment continues to have an impact on Trisha in many ways. Following in her mom’s footsteps, I can only imagine how nervous she was waiting to hear back about the test results. When she did get them, though, she couldn’t simply hear the answer alone or at home.

Woman’s Friends Gather for Bar Exam Results

@trishaaaamoranto When I was one year old, my mom died weeks before knowing that she passed the Bar exam. 24 years later, here I am, fulfilling what she started. Thank you to my strongest support system, I can't thank you all enough. #Bar2023 #hernandoitbar2023 #hernandidit💜⚖️ ♬ Rise – Belle Mariano

Instead, Trisha invited her friends to the cemetery where her mom is laid. Without hesitation, she said, her friends chose to join her. A video captures the moment they all see the results.

In the video, Trisha and her four friends nervously gather around. As soon as the results load, it’s clear: Trisha passed the exam! All five of them scream and jump for joy.

Trisha quickly becomes overwhelmed and slowly lowers herself to a squatting position. Here, a couple of her friend join her.

“Thank you to my strongest support system,” Trisha writes. “I can’t thank you all enough.”

There’s no doubt that Trisha’s mom would be oh-so proud of her daughter right now!

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