Woman Finally Reunited With Missing Dog After Losing Her Home In Maui Fires.

Maui Fires Dog

A woman caught in the Maui fires thought she lost everything when her home burned in the flames. The situation took hold so quickly that she didn’t have time to find all of her pets before evacuating, and she believed they hadn’t made it. Fortunately, the fates stepped in and reunited her with her dog—appropriately named Lucky. 

The Maui Humane Society shared Lucky’s touching story via Facebook. The organization explained that he and his owner, Chris, had been living in Lahaina with her cat and second dog when the Maui fires broke out. When Chris was able to go back to her home, she couldn’t find Lucky or her cat.  

Dog reunited with owner

Local Humane Society Spent 4 Weeks Trying to Capture Dog Displaced in Maui Fires

Meanwhile, the Humane Enforcement team had been working hard to catch a “small white dog” who had made a home in a Lahaina cemetery. Several locals had phoned the shelter about the animal, and rescuers made several attempts to catch the dog. But he evaded them each time. For an entire month, the rescuers returned to the site to leave food and water and try to coax the animal, dubbed “ghost dog,” to safety. Finally, Humane Enforcement Officer Jutta Mueller was successful. 

Once she got the dog back to the shelter, she found he was microchipped, and, of course, it was Lucky. 

Dog found in Maui by Humane Society

“Our team called Lucky’s owner, Chris, right away to let her know that they had Lucky,” the organization wrote. “Chris was thrilled to know that her little Lucky was able to escape the flames and survive.”

Chris shared that the cemetery, which was close to her home, had always been Lucky’s favorite place to run and roam. So she wasn’t surprised to hear he’d been living there for four weeks. 

“Lucky’s story is one of survival, resilience, and hope,” added the Humane Society. Chris shared, “If my little Lucky could survive, there are still other survivors in Lahaina town!”

Lucky is happy and healthy today, and to add to the news, Chris and her cat, Bunny, were also reunited shortly after!

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