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Woman Cuts Open Watermelon Only To Discover It’s Something Else!

woman with spoon in squash

If you’re a gardener, I’m sure you’re familiar with this phenomenon: you plant a bunch of delicious things, and when they finally burst forth from their seeds, you have no idea what you planted there.

This hilarious TikToker took to the platform to share her recent experience with a “watermelon” from her garden. With yellowing on the bottom, she was certain that her watermelon was ripe for the picking and bound to be delicious.

However, what she found when she sliced into was something totally different.

Her watermelon… was a pumpkin?

It took a few different ideas to sort out what was planted. At first, she thought some sort of cross-pollination took place (though that’s not very possible, given that pumpkins and watermelons are different species).

After a quick walk through her garden, she realized that her “watermelon” was, in fact, a pumpkin.

This gardener has to make lemons out of lemonade… err… pumpkins out of watermelon? Either way, she’s growing a beautiful garden and is sure to get some delicious bites out of it!

Check out the full clip below to see this hilarious gardening moment!


I was so excited to share my watermelon with you. There’s NOTHING like homegrown watermelon from the garden. And it’s safe to say, there will never be a “watermelon” like this again. At least in this house. 😂 . . . #embarrassing #watermelon #oops #fromthegarden #squash #storytime

♬ original sound – Katie Zornes

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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