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5 Interesting Spud Facts To Make You Appreciate Potatoes

There's a lot you probably don't know about potatoes!

Baked, mashed, or French fried, most of us regularly consume potatoes in one form or another. They’re a fairly popular side dish, since they go with pretty much anything! However, did you know that this humble vegetable was once the bad boy of the culinary landscape? In fact, they used to be outlawed in some parts of the world!

By now, we’ve learned that eating potatoes can actually be really good for you. Plus, they’re absolutely delicious! In fact, people love them so much that there are two national holidays just for celebrating spuds. If you’re wondering what else there is to know about this root vegetable, here are some of the most fascinating facts about potatoes!

There's a lot you probably don't know about potatoes!
Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

1. Potatoes are the first vegetable we’ve ever grown in space.

In a farming experiment in 1995, NASA cultivated plant life in space, according to Potatoes USA. They were able to successfully grow this tasty vegetable!

2. They once earned a sinister nickname in some parts of Europe.

Getting Europeans to accept the potato as a viable food source wasn’t easy, the New England Historical Society tells us. At first, many believed the vegetable to be toxic, calling it “the Devil’s apple.”

Potatoes were once considered toxic and were even outlawed.
Photo by Peter Schad on Unsplash

3. National Potato Day is observed twice a year.

After celebrating National Potato Day on August 19, you’d better save room for National Potato Day on October 27!

4. It was once illegal to grow potatoes in France.

French fry lovers might be surprised to hear that potatoes were outlawed in 18th century France on the grounds that they were believed to cause leprosy!

Eating potatoes is good for your heart.
Photo by Clark Douglas on Unsplash

5. They’re actually really good for heart health!

Because potatoes are low in cholesterol while packing nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, Medical News Today says that they’re great for your heart.

Who knew that potatoes were such an interesting topic?

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