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114-Yr-Old Woman Celebrates Birthday With Sister Who’s Just Shy Of 100 Herself!

Nina Willis on her 114th birthday

The date was January 14, 1909. William Taft was soon to be sworn in as the 27th President of the United States. Just six years earlier, Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful airplane flight ever, and World War I was still five years away.

That’s the day Nina Willis was born… and she’s still here!

Nina turned 114 years old on January 14, 2023, surrounded by her loving family. Everyone takes turns popping in to visit her, but it’s her only remaining sister, Pecola, who serves as Nina’s full time caregiver. Did we mention that Pecola is 97 years old?

The sisters were born in the Atlanta, Georgia area and have lived there all their lives. They came from a big family with 20 children total, but they’re the last siblings left alive. They’re still just as devoted to one another as ever, and Pecola vows to stick by her sister’s side forever.

“Nothing I wouldn’t do for her,” said Pecola, “She is my pride and joy, so I intend to take care of her, if she don’t outlive me.”

Pecola and Nina live a quiet life punctuated by visits from their family. Their walls are lined with photographs of all the loved ones they’ve known throughout their long lives. It’s incredible to see just how many people they’ve shared time with over the years.

The sisters are also lifelong fans of their home team, the Atlanta Braves, and they proudly display all of the mementos and keepsakes they’ve received from the team over the years. Naturally, the Braves sent a handwritten card for Nina’s big day.

Living for a century is incredible enough, but 114 years? Pecola must be taking excellent care of her big sister!

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