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Woman Catches Strawberry Thief Red-Pawed — Meet The Adorable Culprit

Colorful plants in front of a white door.

When this woman’s strawberry crop kept getting ransacked, she decided to try to catch the thief in the act — little knowing that the offender would be her own dog! In a hilarious video on social media, the frustrated gardener placed a hidden camera in front of her plants. However, the footage showed her that the fruit bandit was none other than a four-legged family member. Oh, the betrayal!

“Someone was stealing my strawberries, so I set up my phone to catch the culprit,” wrote the dog’s owner in her clip.

Sure enough, within a few moments, the strawberry thief returned to the scene of the crime to claim even more ill-gotten gains, and there was no mistaking the dog’s identity. Ipo, the woman’s rescue, sneakily walked up to the plant and started sniffing around. At one point, she appeared to be chewing on something!

Although this dog mom believes the mystery of the strawberry thief has been solved, commenters on the video jumped to Ipo’s defense.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” joked one user. “I didn’t see anything.”

“Ma’am that’s the strawberry inspector,” wrote another. “Didn’t you see the badge?”

A third added, “Nope. Strawberry tax collector.”

There’s more to this strawberry thief than meets the eye!

All jokes aside, Ipo really is a good dog, despite being an occasional strawberry thief. In another video, the pooch’s owner gave some backstory on how this adorable rescue became part of the family. Apparently, she was only supposed to be there for a short time. However, she formed an incredible friendship with their son, Ivan, who is disabled and often has seizures.

“Ipo immediately decided it was her job to take care of Ivan,” the amazed mom wrote. “She’s never had any training, she just knew what to do.”

At the end of the day, we’re sure this family doesn’t actually mind sparing some strawberries for such a sweet girl!

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