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Woman Captures Precious Moment Between Husband And New Foster Dog

A man sits on the floor to take a selfie with a fluffy dog.

This husband can pretend he’s not a dog lover, but his wife caught him red-handed petting their disabled foster pup in the sweetest video! While he thought no one was looking, a man who claimed to only “tolerate” his partner’s canines sat down on the floor right next to the pooch. Then, he gently reached out and allowed the dog to get acquainted with his scent. Before he knew it, he was affectionately petting his newest four-legged family member on the head. He even took an adorable selfie with the pet!

“My husband outwardly tolerates my dog hobbies, so he waited until I was upstairs to introduce himself to our new disabled foster dog,” his wife wrote on TikTok. “Busted.”

Although the pooch was a little wary of the man at first, the interaction ended up being very sweet. Commenters were especially tickled by the way the foster dog seemed to be looking right into the hidden camera near the end of the video.

“He’s like, ‘Mom you see this?'” joked one user. Another added that the pup’s expression seemed to say, “ma’am, come get your husband.”

A man sits on the floor to take a selfie with a fluffy dog.
Screengrab from TikTok

It just goes to show you that foster dogs are impossible not to fall in love with! We can just tell that this man and his wife’s pet are about to become the best of friends.

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