Welcome To The Hobbit Hole! 90-Yr-Old Carpenter Builds Tolkien-Approved Haven.

Stuart Grant might not have ever seen any of the “Lord of the Rings” movies but his quaint cottage home resembles a Hobbit hole featured in the books and films. And the really cool part is that this 90-year-old built his unique home by hand.

Stuart, an experienced joiner and carpenter, came across what used to be a shoemaker’s cottage as he was renovating another home. He enjoyed the DIY project of fixing up the cottage – which was a space without doors and a roof at first – so much that he decided to make it his home. He moved into the 200-year-old cottage in northern Scotland in 1984 and has loved it everyday.

“I haven’t watched Lord of the Rings,” said Stuart. “It’s just a coincidence that my front door is almost the same shape and same kind of wood.”

Stuart has lived with ME (also called chronic fatigue syndrome) for 46 years, so he said he worked in slow motion to complete the house. 

“It is not a fancy house, it is made from other people’s leftovers,” he said. 

Well, those leftovers have become a true masterpiece of a home. But that’s just our opinion. 

His rustic three-bedroom home was featured on a French tourist website for places to see in northern Scotland. Ever since, he has had a host of visitors stopping by to see his creation. They have come by busloads and even encouraged him to add a collection box, as they would feel better if they could make a donation of some kind.

While he eventually obliged the request, Stuart insists that donations are not necessary. But to date, he has received more than $5,000 from the collection box.

It’s amazing how someone can make something from, well, not much at all! As Stuart worked to rebuild the cottage from a mere husk, he stayed in a nearby cabin with only farm animals for neighbors

“I thought I would make it comfortable,” Stuart said. “I was getting such a buzz out of doing it. I don’t know how much it cost.”

He later added: “It took quite a few years, I never counted it. I just enjoyed doing it so much. I got carried away.”

This was definitely a true labor of love. And the end result is his own cozy home that he happens to share pieces of with the world when they stop by.

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