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Morning Smiles: This Tiny Tee Ball Player’s Adorable “Run” To 1st Base Has Us In Hysterics!

tee ball

When this tiny tee ball player sent the ball flying during a game, she was feeling proud. So she added some legendary flair to her first base run.

A little girl named Mattea went viral for her celebratory move almost a year ago to date, and she made so many people smile that major publications are remembering her big moment today.

As a video shows, Mattea was in a heated matchup when she came up to bat. The little girl didn’t crumble under pressure, though. She had no problems whacking the ball and sending it into the infield. When it came time to run and a flock of tee ball players rushed to tag her, she was still feeling confident.

When Mattea took off running, she threw her pink helmet off her head and then did a cartwheel! Mattea managed to evade six tee ball players who were trying to tag her out. After her perfect cartwheel, she continued running for the base and made it while the opposing team stood by and scratched their heads.

“My famous cartwheel at my baseball game!” reads the original caption. “#girlsruleboysdrool.”

The video reminds people to celebrate the big and little wins and to live in the moment just like the adorable tee ball player. And it’s making people smile as they get their mornings started.

“Lol, it’s not their first rodeo! Go girl! 🙌❤️,” cheered a commenter.

“Too smooth!” another person wrote. “😂 couldn’t have timed that cartwheel better if she tried! Hahaha”

“The cutest thing ever ❤️❤️😂😂,” someone gushed.

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