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Woman Adopted As A Baby Sings Late Birth Mother’s Song In Moving “American Idol” Audition.

A two-photo collage. The first shows McKenna Breinholt playing the piano as she sings. Family stands around her watching, including her crying grandma. The second image shows a close up of Katy Perry. She's holding her hands up as she looks away, holding back tears. Tissues are in one of her hands.

American Idol contestant McKenna Breinholt has always had a connection and talent for music. This wasn’t something ran in her family — at least not her adopted one. For as long as she can remember, McKenna has known that she was adopted. But it wasn’t until three years ago, when she asked to learn more about her biological family, that she discover the origins of her musical talents.

Turns out, her biological mother was a part of a folk duo called Nowhere Man and A Whisky Girl. In listening to some of their songs, which can be found on streaming sites like Spotify, McKenna discovered their voices are quite similar. Sadly, she never got the chance to hear her mom, Amy Ross Lopez, sing in person. That’s because, in 2013, she passed away from lupus.

McKenna Breinholt Delivers Moving American Idol Performance… Then Gets a Surprise

Since then, however, she’s gotten in touch with other members of her biological family. They’ve gotten to know each other on video calls but planned to meet a few weeks after McKenna’s American Idol audition… at least that’s what the 25-year-old singer had been told!

After nailing her audition and winning over the judges, Katy Perry tells McKenna to invite her family in, not knowing that members of her biological family are also there. As soon as McKenna opens the door and sees them, she turns into a puddle of happy tears — and everyone else follows suit.

McKenna is bent over, hair covering her face. Three members of her family, including her biological grandma, stand around her for support.

Meanwhile, the American Idol judges are floored at what’s happening. Once things settle down, they invite McKenna to sing one of her mom’s songs. As you can imagine, this leads to one of the most unforgettable, touching Idol performances to date.

“I just was so overwhelmed with happiness,” McKenna says. “There was no sadness, no anxiety, none of that. It just felt like I had already known them.”

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