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Woah, Where Did You Come From? Dog Doesn’t Notice His New Sister Right Under His Nose!

It takes a while for this dog's new sister to get his attention!

You’d think another dog in the house would be pretty hard to miss, right? Well, not for Biff the Samoyed! This fluffy pooch was filmed by his owners walking right past his new sister, a corgi puppy named Duckie, without giving her so much as a glance. Eventually, the tiny pup wandered over to Biff and squeezed herself right under his belly, prompting the larger dog to take notice!

Once the two dogs were properly introduced, they started to play with each other, wagging their tails the whole time. Their humans even took an adorable picture of them taking a nap together on the floor, which they included in the hilarious video. It looks like they’re going to get along after all!

Watch the clip below to see Biff and Ducki meet for the first time.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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