Adorable 2-Yr-Old Mimics Mom By “Reading” Story To Her Baby Sister.

Sibling love is always a beautiful sight to behold.


After all, they often become each other’s first best friend! That certainly seems to be the case for 2-year-old Winter Molden and her baby sister Snow. The adorable pair from North Carolina have recently gone viral with an interaction that could melt just about anyone’s heart!


Michele Dee, the girls’ mom, shared a video of the sweet moment on her Instagram page, writing, “Winter loves reading to @snowmolden out loud just like Mama! This is so beautiful to see!”

She’s absolutely right! In the clip, we get to check out a wonderful snippet of the family’s daily life. Decked out in matching pink onesies, Winter and Snow are all snuggled up after their baths and are more than ready for their evening story.

With a book propped up in her lap, Winter takes some impressive initiative and “reads” the tale to her baby sister – just like mommy usually does!


The only problem is that since Winter is 2, she can’t technically read yet. Of course, that doesn’t stop her from doing her best!

As Snow looks on curiously, Winter makes up some gibberish. We may not know what she’s trying to say, but she clearly does as she proclaims a few understandable words.

At one point, she cries, “Hat!” as she taps the top of her head and then her sister’s. She seems so proud of herself, and she should be!


What an incredible older sibling! This precious little one is making us want to go show our own brothers and sisters some love.

Watch the video below to get your daily dose of cuteness, and don’t forget to share this sweet story.

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