This Dog’s Love For Blankets Is The Smile We Needed Today.

Like most dogs, Winnie is a lover of many things, including her mom Meg and her furry sibling Moose. But even her beloved family members sometimes struggle to compete with her favorite things ever. Nothing in the world delights the yellow Labrador more than blankets. Yes, you read that right. The good news is few things make her fans happier than seeing her have such a wonderful time! Meg welcomed Winnie into her home as a puppy and quickly realized two things. First, the pup has the best smile! Second, she has a penchant for fuzzy fabric. When Meg presented Winnie with her very own polka dot blanket, it was love at first sight. The dog and her blanket have been inseparable ever since! While Winnie has many blankets, this one is her all-time favorite. Outside or inside, she rarely goes anywhere without the adored item. When we say anywhere, we do mean anywhere. The blanket is her soulmate, after all! She won't even drop it for a tasty treat. Her mom has gotten such a kick out of watching Winnie carry her blanket everywhere that she figured the world would appreciate the unusual love story too. About six months ago, Meg started uploading adorable videos of Winnie and her blanket to TikTok. It wasn't long before Winnie had her own fan club and started warming the hearts of millions. It's hard to resist checking her account constantly for new videos because we're pretty sure we could watch her all day! What a star! This cutie deserves all the blankets she wants for being such a good girl. As for her mom, it's a small price to pay for the pup that has brought her so much joy. We're sure Winnie will never have to go a day without her favorite things! Check out a cute compilation video of Winnie with the love of her life below, and share this story to spread the smiles.
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